Kansas Geological Survey and KU TORP Present Carbon Dioxide EOR Applications for Kansas Operators

Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 10:00am
Hyatt Regency 400 W Waterman St - Wichita

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presentations by
Kansas Geological Survey and Departments of Geology at The University of Kansas and Kansas State University

$150 (includes lunch and 4 hours of instruction)

Join the Kansas Geological Survey and KU TORP as they present CO2 – EOR Applications for Kansas Operators. This short course in in association with the KIOGA annual meeting and will highlight the work being conducted related to  CO2-EOR in the state including and update on the work presented at the recent KU TORP IOR conference by Dr. Lynn Watney as his team prepares to inject the CO2 in a current field project. Additional topics include well and core testing, monitoring, and geomodel and simulation

10:00 a.m.

Kansas CO2-EOR Overview – Lynn Watney

  • Regional and statewide CO2-EOR and storage assessments
  • Southwest Kansas CO2-EOR Initiative
  • Summary of Hall-Gurney CO2, pilot and commercial scale CO2-EOR
  • A new Kansas CO2-EOR Initiative
    • Proof of concept needed with a successful CO2-EOR injection at Wellington
    • Prospectus for Governor’s Conference


Introduction to Wellington CO2-EOR small-scale test

  • Support of DOE-NETL, Contract DE-FE0006821
  • Participation in Wellington CO2-EOR Project by Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Industry and those serving the industry
    • Berexco, LLC – operator of the field and field-based activities, Linde, Praxair – CO2 supply, Fossil Drilling, MudCo, Devilbiss Coring Services, Halliburton, Core Lab, Trilobite Testing, Schlumberger, CMG, Continental Analytical Services, Inc.
    • Other collaborators – LLNL, LBNL, IRIS-PASSCAL, Tbirdie Consulting, Inc., KGS, KU Geology, KSU Geology

10:45 a.m.

Characterization of carbonate reservoirs by “exotic” logs (NMR, microresitivity imaging, geochemical log, etc.) – John Doveton

11:30 Examine 98 feet of Mississippian core from the KGS #2-32


LUNCH  with an additional opportunity to examine Mississippian core from the KGS #2-32


Site characterization – Lynn, Mina Fazelalavi and John Victorine

  • Summary of stratigraphy, sedimentology, and diagenesis of the Mississippian reservoir –Drilling, coring, logging, and testing the Mississippian at Berexco Wellington KGS #1-32, KGS #1-28, #2-32
    • Core analysis – routine and special; ties to well logs and use in the geocellular model (FZI indices, flow units, capillary pressure and relative permeability)
    • Well testing – DST and pulse testing – modifying reservoir properties
    • Well completion – acidizing

1:00 p.m.

Petrel geocellular model and seismic inversion – Jason Rush


Reservoir Characterization and Well Testing – Mina Fazelalavi

  • Capillary pressure and relative permeability
  • Pulse/interference test in KGS #2-32


Engineering analysis and CO2-EOR – Eugene Holubnyak


Monitoring performance of CO2 injection

  • Fluid monitoring – baseline and during CO2 injection – Saugata Datta & Brent Campbell (KSU), John Victorine, Jenn Raney, Tiraz Birdie (Tbirdie) and Lynn
  • Microseismic monitoring – George Tsoflias (KU), Alex Nolte (KU, KGS), Brandon Graham (KU, KGS), John Victorine and Jenn Raney (KGS), Lynn
  • InSAR-cGPS – Mike Taylor (KU), Drew Schwab (KU, KGS), Tandis Bidgoli (KGS)


Open discussion of the Wellington CO2-EOR project and implementing CO2-EOR in Kansas – Moderated by Lynn Watney


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