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A lot of sites ask you to join so you can start receiving “special benefits” but usually just send a bunch of e-mail that clutters up your inbox. At TORP Technology Transfer, once you join for FREE you instantly qualify for $50 off every workshop per day you attend – both in person and online – access to tons of free downloadable content, and special early access registration to TORP Technology Transfer events.

And if that wasn’t enough for a small annual fee our premium membership offers even more. This membership – specially priced for Kansas Operators – includes all the benefits of free membership plus complete access to our digital program library, TORP Technology Transfer recorded online workshops, online access to TORP research and reports, and our membership directory to name a few.

Also, because we understand that students are the future of this industry, we offer you all the benefits of premium membership for FREE. All you need is a valid university student e-mail address.

Finally, service companies, out of state operators, and others interested in TORP Technology Transfer for a slightly higher fee you too can benefit from all the member benefits outlined above.

  Membership Plans    
  Benefits FREE Student
  Member e-alerts for upcoming news and events Yes Yes
  Early Registration and Access Yes Yes
  Discount to in person events $50 Discount $50
  Discounts to online workshops $50 Discount Free
  Access to online content Limited Full
  Access to online presentations Limited Full
  Access to program manuals Limited Full
  Access to member list Yes
  Access to papers Yes
  Annual Investment $0 $0
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