Interim Director
The Director of TORP is Professor Dr. Shahin Negahban.

Administrative Support
Administrative Support is provided by Mayumi Crider.

Reservoir Management and Simulation
For information on TORP’s reservoir management and simulation capabilities, contact Dr. Jyun-Syung Tsau.

Chemical Flooding
Chemical flooding research is directed by Dr. Stan McCool.

CO2 Flooding and Sequestration
CO2 flooding and sequestration research is directed by Dr. Jyun-Syung Tsau.

Produced Water
Produced water research is directed by Dr. Karen Peltier.

Technology Transfer
Mr. Jeremy Viscomi directs the Technology Transfer efforts.

Field Liaison Engineer
The Field Liaison is Mr. Mark Ballard.

Laboratory TORP’s laboratories are managed by Dr. Karen Peltier and fabrication of equipment is done by Mr. Scott Ramskill.