Tech Transfer

TORP has a thriving technology transfer program designed specifically to serve the regional independent oil and gas industry. This group is guided by, and actively interacts with the petroleum industry at large to provide technical assistance on field tests and demonstration projects.

In addition this group works in conjunction with the DOE funded, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC). PTTC is an industry-directed 501-C-3 organization created to transfer exploration and production technology to U.S. producers. By accelerating the application of profitable technologies, PTTC enhances domestic oil and natural gas production.

TORP leads the North Mid-Continent region of the PTTC and works together to provide multiple opportunities for technology training designed specifically for independent oil and gas operators and service providers in the Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska areas.

TORP believes that technology will keep independent operators competitive in an ever-changing environment. Operators who do not stay current with technologies that can assist them will soon find themselves losing their competitive advantage. Sources providing technology to independent operators in a format they can understand and use are limited. In addition most independent operators are limited on personnel and funding resources, therefore making it difficult for them to stay current on new technologies.

TORP and PTTC help bridge that gap to assist operators with their technology needs in a format that compliments their business and operational environment.