Tech Transfer

Pumpjack in Field

TORP has a thriving technology transfer program designed specifically to serve the regional independent oil and gas industry. This group is guided by and actively interacts with the petroleum industry at large to provide workshops on relevant topics, technical assistance, field tests, and demonstration projects.

Technology is constantly changing. Most independent operators do not have the staff or resources to stay current. Sources providing technology to independent operators in a format they can understand and use are limited. TORP evaluates new technologies and passes on relevant information to independent operators.

KU TORP and PTTC Partnership

- Recently KU TORP in partnership with PTTC hosted a two-part webinar entitled, "Waterflood Design & Field Applications." More than 60 participants spent two days hearing from Paul Wilhite, Anthony Walton, Reza Barati, Jon Spenser among others on topics like Waterflood Design Fundamentals, Reservoir Characterization, Tracer Analytics, and Waterflood Optimization.

EVENT BRIEF - Recently KU TORP in partnership with PTTC hosted a two-part webinar discussing best practices for temporary abandonment and reopening. More than 100 operators from the Midcontinent participated. See the presentations here. We are working on advertising the second workshop on waterflood optimization soon.

Upcoming Events

  • Pumpers Workshop - 2021
  • EOR for Unconventionals - 2021